As I lie here watching my pets scurry around the house — shoelaces untied, a backpack hiding from its owner, young ones too nervous to eat a proper breakfast — I realize that my life as a member of the noble family of Canine has yet another benefit:  no forced schooling.

Whereas the Two-Leggers are all a fret, running around as school starts back up, I get to lie here.  Relaxed.  In fact, I could just go back to sleep if I want to.  Maybe get up in the early afternoon, and have one of my older pets rub my belly.  You know, just to get them to talk in those ridiculous baby voices.

Although, sometimes I wonder if that’s the osteoarthritis talking (the wanting to just lie around, not the “let’s-tickle-belly” baby voices).  If I felt younger and sprier, would I not mind running around myself a little, heading off to dog-training school?  I could serve a greater purpose and help firemen fight fires or the blind find those buttons on ATM machines.

Ouch.  My knees.  (All four of them.)

Alas, I cannot finish the thought without feeling the pain.

Back to the doggy bed it is.  Perhaps this afternoon I’ll feel better.