Last year, as a regular weekly visitor to my acupuncturist, who I love and dearly miss, I spent a lot of time learning about how my muscles and joints were causing me pain. It was there that we found an abundance of active and latent trigger points all over my body. I always knew I had a lot of “knots” and hard muscles, but I didn’t know that normal people don’t have muscles that are hard as rocks and cannot be moved. When my acupuncturist pressed on those trigger points I wanted to jump off the table or scream. Or both.

…a little understanding brings me a little sanity and some answers…

As I looked into trigger points, I realized that they often go hand in hand with fibromyalgia, just like lupus marries well with fibromyalgia, and lupus and scleroderma like to show up together. So, all of a sudden, a few of my diseases were making sense.

I’ve never understood why I had narcolepsy—it always seemed like the bastard child of my diseases, even if it is auto-immune. But more and more research shows that fibromyalgia pain is caused by a lack of non-restorative, or deep wave sleep. Narcoleptics not only suffer from frequent episodes of daytime sleepiness (hey normal people! This is like you taking 10 Dramamine all at once!) but when we fall asleep we go straight to REM sleep where we dream and have nightmares. So with my narcolepsy, and lack of deep, restorative sleep, it suddenly makes sense that I have chronic muscle pain throughout my body.

Which brings me back to my trigger points. Whether the cause or effect, I may never know. But a little understanding brings me a little sanity and some answers when a person’s mind is blown by how many diseases my little body is processing on a daily basis.