The big question for me is “when do I go to the gym?” It’s not such an easy question to answer: mornings are rough because I’ve never been a morning person, and I try to sleep as late as possible (sleep has always had a certain healing quality for me – whether it was after a long day of work, before the SAT’s, you name it, I’ve slept before and after it…!). So a morning workout is really tough to schedule. Afternoon and evenings are equally hard because by the time I get there I’m so pooped from the day it’s a moot point. Although now and again a day will energize me enough to get sweating. Weekends are a good call because a workout makes me feel productive.

But then what does that mean? Two days, one after another, of working out per week? That doesn’t make sense at all.

I wish I had a more flexible schedule. Sometimes I do – and when that’s the case I do jump on top of it – but for the most part, I’m a slave to my energy level, schedule and whereabouts. So why isn’t there an exercise pill I could take?

Now there’s an idea….