Thank You Steve JobsChristine on how the computer changed her life for the better.

Yesterday I wrote out a post for my Facebook page. I started out just saying I was going to replace my old and tired laptop and as I wrote on my keyboard, looking at all the things on my desktop I realized just how much the computer had changed my life.

Years ago I went into learning the computer kicking and screaming. I was a writer, I loved my pink Smith-Corona typewriter. Yes, change is hard to make. My first lesson on a computer was with a guy who was so arrogant I felt like he was snickering behind my back as I asked him “How do I turn this thing on?”

I knew right away he was the wrong teacher for me so I searched some more until I found a gentle man who didn’t think any question was a stupid one, and boy did I ask some stupid questions.

Slowly between some college computer classes and a little help from my personal teacher I got it. The computer is a very smart typewriter. And the rest has been very happy history.

So as I wrote this post for Facebook it went from a few lines to more, just as the computer took over my life and kept replacing other things that I thought I couldn’t live without. Now I know I simply can’t live without my computer.

Here’s my Facebook post:

Buying a new computer today. Saying goodbye to the old one. I wrote three books on this wonderful Mac laptop, started three Facebook pages, learned how to make a Keynote presentation, edited hundreds of photos for publication and joined Twitter. Shared a lot of stories and met a lot of interesting people. Traded my treasured Filo Fax for iCalendar and iCloud. My Canon camera for an iPhone camera, my scrapbooks for iPhoto. My personalized notes still in unopened boxes because of email. My dictionary and research books decorating my office shelves as I use Google, Firefox and Safari. No batteries needed for my calculator because my calculator is now in my toolbar. My music library is organized on iTunes instead of a messy cabinet drawer. My old computer has served me well. And now I move into the future. I love new adventures and am excited to see what I can accomplish on my new laptop. Steve Jobs….you made my journey into technology incredible.

It seemed a natural that I would share this on my latest blog, but one thing I didn’t cover in my FB post was the community that the computer has made possible through social media for those with chronic illness. The friends and support system I have met and shared with is incredible. Just last week I went to the computer for a small medical issue and found what I needed easily. A pharmacist or doctor could have given me the same information but the computer was faster without bothering anyone late at night.

There is a down side to all this computer information because there are people who spread misinformation on the Internet. Many doctors will tell you not to diagnose yourself, nor believe everything you read. The Internet does not take the place of a good doctor, attorney. a good family member or friend when you’re dealing with a serious issue.

You also wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t use a computer. You wouldn’t be making new friends and finding support systems in a field that interests you. You would be missing out on an incredible slice of life.

Welcome technology, I don’t want to miss out on anything. I love the way you have changed my life for the better.