The yoga craze has definitely made stretching “in vogue.” It’s now totally OK to stretch in public. Provided you’re not blocking anyone while you do it.  Remember when it was weird to carry a water bottle? It feels really good to give yourself a nice, hearty stretch. Lately I’ve figured out what hurts and I somehow come to the edge of what would be pushing the limit. Stretching.

Traveling for work gives me lots of space to stretch. It’s impossible to go anywhere without a lot of extra time, and there are lots of free areas to stretch. I don’t think there’s a stretch-free zone in public. Although I learned the hard way that you can’t plug in your laptop to a train station outlet. That’d be theft of service. Just a word for the wise.

I think, for all this stretching going on in public, maybe now I’m a little bit prepared for the  unchartered world of yoga. Yikes.