This coming Monday, June 15, at 7pm (EDT), CreakyJoints is again partnering with Joint Decisions to present a series of live web chats about living with RA, and I am delighted to again be a part of this informative and engaging educational program.



I had the opportunity to meet the panelists for the first program at our rehearsal and I can personally attest that this promises to be a chat not to be missed (If you miss the live chat, not to worry you can go to the archives on Joint Decisions and listen).


The panelists for the first program are Rhonda Waters, a movement and nutrition coach who works with the Human Performance Institute, a rheumatologist, Dr. Evan Leibowitz, and the actress Megan Park who is speaking publicly about her own diagnosis and life with RA for the first time.


The topic is Movement and Nutrition, and each of the panelists will share their own expertise and experience with how important both of these are when you are managing RA and its symptoms.


I want to share a few nuggets that were shared in the rehearsal. You can listen for these to
be shared again in the live chat, and bring your questions!


Rhonda is quite clear that we need to think about movement – not exercise. Movement is when we get our body out of the chair or off the bed and stretch, or walk or do what our bodies were intended to do – move.


Exercise is such a loaded word, and brings up resistance and the feeling that I can never do enough, or I am not doing the “right” thing.


She demonstrates some simple stretches that can be done when sitting to get us started, and this is a good addition to any of our days.


Dr. Leibowitz helps us think about how to create a relationship with our doctor and the kind of questions that can be asked, and what goes into a relationship that supports your health and healing.


Megan is an inspiration, and she shares some of her own tips about eating, snacks, and what kinds of movement have helped her.


Rhonda also shares some basic nutrition information that you may find helpful.


One of the things that comes across in this program is how much we need each other. We need the empathy, the inspiration, and the practical advice that gives us energy to go forward another day.


There is the reminder, which is part of the CreakyJoints ethos, that although this disease can feel isolating, you are not alone. We cannot hear that message often enough. We count on the advocacy for medication access, insurance issues, and general understanding of the disease. We count on positive messages that remind us there are ways to live with a little more ease each day.


I hope you will take the time to tune in, and let me know what you think of this program and the messages we are bringing. Also there are lots of ways for you to interact – by asking questions during the chat, by tweeting your responses, and by letting us know here on the CreakyJoints site what you find useful.


The opportunity is to keep creating community and awareness. We hope you will be part of that!


You can register to attend Joint Decisions at: