Dear Ms Meniscus:

I like this guy, "Luke".  Luke's friend told me that Luke likes me too.  Luke saw me out in the community with a male cousin at a restaurant. Luke had a hurt look on his face.  Ever since then Luke won't talk to me, and he avoids me.  I think Luke thinks I was out with a boyfriend or a date.  What should I do? 

– C

Dear C,

It seems clear that Luke has mistaken your meeting with your cousin as a date. The good news is that his obvious jealousy indicates that he is interested in you!

The best solution to this problem is to simply mention that the last time you saw him, you were at dinner with your cousin and did not have an opportunity to speak to him. Make sure you work in, “with my cousin” into your conversation.  It is essential to make him know that you were not on a date with another potential suitor.

If he is extremely good at avoiding you, you might consider telling a mutual friend to track him down and let him know that you had mentioned that you have not seen him since before you were having dinner with your cousin at the restaurant.

He should be see the misunderstanding for what it is, a misunderstanding and come find you.

Let us know how it turns out. Now go get Luke!

— M

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