The summer is over, and it couldn’t have come any sooner. As much as I am a fan of warm, sunny weather, you must be kidding me if you think it’s pleasant during the summer in New York City. I’m all about warm, sunny weather (elsewhere) when there’s four inches of snow on the ground in New York. But the constant change of atmospheric pressure, the incredibly high humidity, the lack of a breeze and the smell of garbage – the kind of smell only New Yorkers can produce – has made this summer less than picture perfect.

Instead I’m locked and loaded for a change of season and with it, a new attitude and outlook on my health. I am going to stop prolonging (read: procrastinating) visits to doctors. I’m going to take better care of myself (read: not eat like a jerk) and I’m going to actually exercise since I am totally afraid of trying on any of my fall clothes.

What feels better than cool, crisp air of a nice autumn day? Nothing.