In the past two weeks I have been helping a friend prepare for, go into, and recover from back surgery. It was really hardcore!! It was a scary operation that opened up his neck, from the back, and relieved pressure that his spine was putting on his spinal cord. What I didn’t realize was how amazing it would be to sit alongside someone who has gone through such a traumatic procedure, and then watch the recovery process occur so quickly. The first day was rough, but each day has been progressively better and better.

This really inspired me, to watch someone spend two weeks recovering, and regain agility, the ability to walk, and most of his functions. And, in the case of my friend, to be better off than he was pre-surgery, with improved motor skills, balance, and stamina.

Made me wonder what it must be like to be a physical therapist or someone who regularly watches (and of course helps) people get better. Whether it’s from surgery, or other traumatic events, I have really enjoyed being the “cheerleader” (not in the George W. Bush sense) for my friend, encouraging him each day to do a little more, and to recognize all of the progress that he’s making.

And the DVR and the movies we’ve watched together has really caught me up on my television and movies!