In the unlikely event that you live under a rock, this past weekend the Northeast was pummeled by Hurricane Irene. Before the storm was predicted to strike, my brother and I caravanned it up to Vermont for a low key weekend to escape the madness of New York City.

Once we were up there and settled, the doomsday predictions came rolling in, and in no time the storm took its toll on the entire region, reminding us that Mother Nature – like all mothers – should not be messed with. Period.

We had food, candles, torches (flashlights) and a 1,100 piece puzzle to complete, so we weren’t all that worried. Until, that is, we went outside to survey the damage of the storm.


The small brook/river outside had breached the drainage system, and destroyed an entire chunk of roadway, trapping 8 houses that are situated in a cul-de-sac. I did one of those moves from the cartoons, where I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, but immediately after I saw it, reality set in: we were trapped.

The second thought that went through my mind was: ‘crap I don’t have enough medicine with me to last the time it will take to fix this!’ Which, in hindsight, was the more adult version of the third thought that went through my mind: ‘how well stocked is the beer in the fridge??’

After a few calls and thanks to the well coordinated efforts of the town of Winhall, Vermont, there was a temporary fix to the road and we were able to navigate our way out (two days later) through the extra long way home. I never thought I’d get home to NY from Vermont, via Canada.


It’s scary to feel trapped and helpless. We didn’t have an emergency on our hands, at the time, so we didn’t need to be rescued. But life definitely took an interesting turn after that storm, and we weren’t as prepared as we should have been. So at the risk of sounding like those PSA’s that magically appeared on the Weather Channel this weekend, consider packing a safe supply of medicine (and other ‘essential items’) for the next time Mother Nature unleashes itself.

And, more pointedly, next time Mother Nature comes through, get out of the way.