Last week I went to EULAR – the European League Against Rheumatism – which was held in Berlin, Germany this year. It’s the largest meeting of rheumatologists in the world (outside of the U.S., but many American doctors go too!), where research data and updates are presented to the global arthritis community. The outlook is so bright! Physicians compared studies that have been investigated in corners of the earth near and far, and what always strikes me is how different these doctors are, and yet how alike they are in their quest to help us patients feel better. Anyone who doesn’t believe that arthritis is a global pandemic ought to visit one of these EULAR conferences!

Here’s a little home video I shot from the conference:

The thing about Germany, Berlin specifically, is that it’s built totally efficiently, and relatively recently, so the infrastructure – things like the trains, buses, etc. – are REALLY nice. They get you from A to B, just like the saying goes, very on time. I’ll miss this about Berlin, and can already feel the pinch in NYC, which is riddled with inefficiencies, subways that don’t work, and the cranky people who result.

Oh, and the beer – the beer is just the best there. I’ve grown up hearing this, but didn’t believe it until I tasted beer that was just downright good. So I had a chance to take that in, when all work was done of course, in the few days I was there.