I’ve been moonlighting lately as a professional cheerleader. Not for the Baltimore Ravens (or worse, the San Francisco 49ers!) but for Medicare. Yup, the Federal health insurance program for people 65 and older or those with qualifying health conditions. Because if there were ever a “team” or a cause that needed the support of a few pom-poms, it’s Medicare.

How a 31 year old kid like myself wound up in this position is anyone’s guess. But here I am, out in front and hopefully a leading (or at least loud!) voice in the conversation about Medicare, and our Part D prescription drug program, because it turns out that this so-called “entitlement program” is on the chopping block. 

I know that this issue is an important one to basically every grandparent in the country, and many of their children (since 10,500+ baby boomers become a senior citizen every day now!), but it’s our job as the next generation(s) to strengthen the programs that support our loved ones. 

Which is why it was fun to do the media rounds last week and to talk about the importance of protecting Medicare. Specifically, an NBC New York interview where we talked about the need to share our perspective(s) with Washington. Here’s the clip: 

So what are you going to do to help Protect Medicare? Have a meaningful conversation about it so that we can let Washington know how important this is to us. It’s the least we can do for our grandparents!