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…I have been on the hunt for innovative ways to get relief.

After 28 years of longing for the indulgence, I finally took the plunge and treated myself to something really, really cool: a massage chair. Not actually the chair, but the kind you put over top of the chair. It has two settings, shiatsu and rolling, and goes from my neck to my bum. Why I waited all this time to get one, I have no idea!

The reason I’m so thrilled to have this newfound pleasure in my life is because I have been finding that after a long day, my back is aching more and more. And I don’t want to take more and more medicine (I think I set a world record for most amount of OTC medicine taken by someone who isn’t a professional boxer). Instead I have been on the hunt for innovative ways to get relief.

While I can’t necessarily afford the full blown massage chair we sit in when browsing the shopping mall, this is definitely the next best thing – and for only a hundred bucks! I justified the cost right away when I predicted the amount of time I’d use it, the money I’d save from a massage here and there, and oh yea, feeling better.

It’s a new day for me!

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