This week I have been on the road – three cities, Miami, Los Angeles and Washington DC – and it’s taking a toll on my body. I found myself stretching in the funniest places, and, more importantly, drawing really awkward looks from the public. My favorite place to stretch nowadays is the rental car shuttle. It has a handle in every direction! And when you fly in or out at odd hours, like I do, you have the bus to yourself. Except for the older couple on vacation from Asia who thinks it’s customary to stretch on the rental car bus.

I like walking to the back of the plane, saying hi to the flight attendants, sizing up the line to the bathroom, and then taking a nice, long, extended stretch in every direction. It feels amazing! Especially when all stuffed up in an airplane seat for 6 hours.

My only question is: can I get in trouble for doing it? If I show a little skin on my stomach (not stomach fat, for the record, just skin) – will that ever be considered ‘indecent exposure’?!

Where is the funniest place you’ve ever stretched??