This week I’m in Chicago for the American College of Rheumatology’s annual scientific conference. So if you’re wondering where your doctor has been, or why nobody in her office has called you back, that’s the reason.


About 15,000 doctors, fellows and residents gather every year to exchange best practices, get updates on the latest research, and complain about their patients (I added that last part, but anecdotal I think it’s true).

With that many doctors in one place, it’s a wonder anything started on time. But the organizers of the conference kept the agendas moving, and every arthritis-related topic was covered: RA, lupus, OA, gout, and many other things I’ve never heard of before.

We collected great information about the latest studies, data and direction of the arthritis treatment landscape, and once we’re through digesting it, we’ll pass it along.

So next time you see your rheumatologist, ask him or her how they enjoyed Chicago. They’ll look at you funny at first, but they’re likely to spill the beans and tell you all the great learnings from such a productive meeting.