A regular topic in the CreakyJoints world is pain. How to live with it, how to soothe it, when will it go away?

Pain is mysterious and frustrating. Two things that seem to come up over and over again are isolation and loss of hope.

When pain is a constant companion, it is easy to lose connections with others. Friends and family “don’t understand”, or they appear to grow tired of listening to the difficult story that pain sufferers need to tell.

Those who I know who live with pain have often turned inward, soldiering along on their own, courageously working to manage the often unmanageable.

Inevitably the daily onslaught of pain begins to chip away the hope that things will get better, that there is a solution coming. As humans we thrive on hope, and we wither without it. Hope is the elixir that nourishes us until there is a new day. Without it, people in pain lose their perspective, their resilience and eventually a sense of the possible future.

This all leads me to a documentary I want to recommend from Documentary Heaven, a web space for free showings of documentary films.

This film, made by the BBC is titled The Secret Life of Pain. It is shown in four episodes of about 15 minutes each. I was inspired and grateful when I finished it. Inspired by the attention and care given to the subject and to the people who suffer, and grateful for so much creativity and commitment to finding relief.

What struck me most forcefully when I watched it was the respect and care given to the whole conundrum of pain and the people who suffer. There was no “trying to convince” anyone that it’s real. It was REAL.

The other key take away was how much innovative and wonderful research is being done. There is hope. It is also real.

So take some time and watch this film.

Let me know what you think.