Usually canines just get brushed aside when it comes to eating with the family at the table.  I would never beg for scraps, but I also know it’s no use. That being said, Thanksgiving is perhaps one of the most challenging days to get through.  It takes a tremendous amount of self-discipline to not instinctively jump onto my back two legs onto the kitchen counter when no one is looking, take the prized turkey from its juicy, fruit-lined tray and retreat to a private place with that colossal, yet tenderly roasted bird in my chops. 

I can just imagine taking that succulent trophy apart piece by piece – but I digress.

This year I have a plan to take part in the feast.  From telephone conversations, I know that the pets’ family will be traveling down here to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Not only does that give me home-court advantage, but I also am aware that they will be bringing a few new members of the family.  This is where my plan fell into place. 

I will play the part of the lovable Creak and win the young ones’ hearts when they get in on Wednesday.  Once Thursday arrives, I will have them under my charismatic manipulation.  I will make sure they notice my “stolen glances,” made longingly towards the turkey.  By the time dinner comes around, I will already be stealthily waiting under the dinner table to receive the fruits of my labor in the form of turkey strips and ham.

Now all I need to do is wait…