My uncle is not a perv, but he acts like one. Honestly, he has never laid a hand on me, but he can be pretty pervy – his talk especially. My friends don’t like to be around him and now I’m getting more and more uncomfortable. He takes me to the doc and helps me a lot with my arthritis so I don’t want to make him mad. I’m 19. He’s 35 or something like that. What can I do?

He’s really not a perv

Dear He’s really not a perv,

Well, maybe he just is! Sometimes when people make you feel that way you need to speak up for yourself, and tell him to stop being so cheeky all the time! It could be his misguided way to fit in with you and your colleages, but it is misguided never theless.  Otherwise you might just run out of friends, and in the end, it will be just you and your “pervy” uncle. 

Sometimes, people don’t realize the affect that they have on others around them, so by speaking up you could be helping your uncle out in return.


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