Resilience III

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The practice of resilience happens in many ways, some not so obvious.

An important aspect of being resilient is having an investment in something larger than our own personal life.

You receive this newsletter on Election Day, and I hope you voted. Being politically active is something we prize in the CreakyJoints community because it signals that our voice matters, and we can be involved in bringing about the issues we care about: better healthcare, easier access, and improved kinds of insurance and ways to get insurance.

The Patient Advocacy work we do is part of telling our story and making it different.

None of that will happen without our presence and action. There are many ways you can show up and speak and be a part of the health care change. The main point is – where and how are you showing up?

What does that have to do with resilience you may be wondering.

An important aspect of being resilient is having an investment in something larger than our own personal life. Research indicates that those who have commitments to something or someone develop hardiness. That quality of being hardy or resilient can help them withstand difficulties.

The connection between our resilience and our commitments to show up, to make a difference for someone else or for our communities may not seem obvious. We may not be used to thinking about our activism as something that strengthens our personal energy and inner bounce.

But it does. When we are willing to put ourselves into action, to care about others, and to be involved, there is a payoff that we may not have anticipated.

It may not be political action. It may be volunteer work, or a regular visit with someone who needs you. You may visit animal shelters, walk for charity, and do tasks for your temple or church or mosque. It doesn’t matter where you choose to show up – it only matters that you do.

This action is an outgrowth of knowing what you value – for your self and for the world and choosing to follow through. When our values remain ideas – and are not enacted, they really don’t help others or us. But as we begin to step forward, things change.

Our hearts and our minds become energized. Our resilience grows.

I look forward to hearing where you are growing and what you are doing!

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