Taking a break is good for the mind and the body.

Even though the holidays are really stressful – the list of reasons need not be detailed – there is one absolute: nobody works for the last two weeks of the year. (Except, maybe, those brave individuals who staff the Best Buy.)

It’s this work ‘holiday’ that I really look forward to every year, because I know that if the calendar says it’s the third week of December, that means my voicemails and emails and meetings are grinding to a halt for two weeks.

Which gives my brain a chance to relax. And when my brain relaxes, my body relaxes (turns out, the two are connected).

So in retrospect, even though the holidays are a hot mess of craziness, the one true saving grace is the ability to shut down, disconnect, unplug, and click the ‘reset’ button. Kind of makes me wish we had more of these every year.