This week I head to the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) meeting in Berlin, Germany. It’s the second largest (but most substantial) gathering of arthritis doctors in the world. Technically, the largest meeting in the world is the American College of Rheumatology, but what I like best about EULAR is that, for 35 Euros, any arthritis patient can attend. And, with the way the Euro has been fairing, the cost of entry continues to plummet!

Our health, literally, depends on this meeting! These are the world’s brightest thought leaders convening for one week a year to share their best practices, experiences, research results, and learn from one another. I’ll get to see my favorite doctors from Brazil (they really are my favorite!), Israel, Turkey, the two doctors who always attend from Iraq (they’re so sweet), the Japanese doctors and of course, the Americans who just want to go to Europe for a week (it’s technically a perk, but I’d still go to the meeting if it were held in Antarctica).

So today I’m packing my camera and recorder, and will be on the search for the most interesting news, developments and gossip that the global arthritis community is dishing. Seriously, there’s always gossip at these meetings!