Poet's Corner - October 22 2013From Our Editor…

There has been some really funky weather here, in North Dakota as of late.  Ice storms and power outages one week, and high winds and tornado watches the next.  Of course, all of this unsettling weather has been very unwelcome, as far as my joints are concerned.

We have some really great things to share with you this time.  If this is something you want to be a part of, please do not hesitate to contact me [email protected]

CJ Poetry Editor

In this Issue:

Foggy Foggy Day  (Photograph by Stephanie Wood)
Flower Garden (Artwork by Jennifer Taft)
Hope  (Poem with photograph by Mel Isherwood)
Emotions Unplugged (Poem with word cloud collage by Brenda Kleinsasser)

Editor’s Note:  Stephanie Wood

Stephanie Wood is an amateur photographer who tries not to let her poor health get in the way of her creativity.  She bought her first DSLR in September of 2009 and has never looked back since.

If you would like to check out her photography, go to:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevid/

PHOTO CREDIT:  “Foggy Foggy Day” by Stephanie Wood. Taken at Jessica Lake, Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba.

Editor’s Note:  Jennifer Taft

Jennifer Taft has lived with RA for over 6 years.  She has always loved art and finds it more challenging with her hands, but it also pushes her to continue to be creative and find new ways to create new art.

Here is an art piece of Jennifer’s that was inspired by Pierre Auguste Renoir, the arthritic impressionist and painter, who lived with RA.

Artwork by Jennifer Taft

Editor’s Note:  Mel Isherwood

Mel Isherwood was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in September of 2012.  Her blessings are her family and friends.  She discovered poetry as an outlet for emotion some years ago.  In her own words, “To write has aided my own acceptance of the condition, whilst also hopefully helping others, whilst they read.”

PHOTO CREDIT:  “Hope Like a Dove”  http://www.fanpop.com



I want to write a poem without any words

Want to escape this hell, how incredibly absurd

I want to tell all of the pain that I feel

Emotional, physical, intense, surreal


I want you to listen to what I cannot say

Wish this cruelty would go away

I want to tell you but I cannot speak

Mouth opens, silence, aghast, feel freak


I want to remember what was said yesterday

What was that, what did you say?

Battle with my mind for some recollection

Silence, frustration, seeking, no action


I want to tell you I remembered what was said

Mouth opens, quiet, too late, you’re in bed

To return to the conversation tomorrow no use

Rejected, desolate, sadness, emotional bruise


I want you to understand the silence you hear

Its fraught with bravery, determination and fear

My emotions distressed every day, need rest

Insomnia, neuralgia, pain, cure bequest


I want you to help with a sincere emotion

Like the Dove to the Arc when it caused a commotion

I want you to know, what helps me to cope

Listening, hearing, conquering with HOPE


Mel Isherwood 18th December 2012

Brenda on Brenda:

Here is a poem I wrote about how it is to live with a chronic illness, such as RA. I also created this arthritis word cloud, on a sleepless night with painsomnia.


Arthritis Collage word cloud created with app by http://www.tagexdo.com


                        Emotions Unplugged


Living with chronic pain,

What have I to gain?


Those feelings of fear,

knowing RA is always near.

Crying in the night,

well, that just isn’t right!


Anger takes over,

Where is my four-leaf clover?


Joy and laughter for the day,

helps to keep my pain at bay.


Empathy, true understanding from friends,

gives me hope, till this pain finally ends!



                       Brenda Kleinsasser