From Our Editor:

In this issue we are going to introduce something new and exciting for you with the help of our special guest, Dr. Ben Nowell, Ph.D. who is the Director of Patient-Centered Research for the Global Healthy Living Foundation, the parent organization of CreakyJoints. I have been working with Ben in my capacity as a Regional Outreach Manager and we have been brainstorming and formulating ideas as a group as to how we can reach others and have them become a part of this great journey.

Right here at Poet’s Corner is where you can make a difference. We are encouraging others to join us with talents and your personal stories. We are going to demonstrate this for you and I think you will be inspired by what you see.

Poet’s Corner is a place where we don’t allow our chronic illnesses to get in the way of our creativity. If you are interested in being a part of this, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Before we go on, here is a little inspiration for you:

The Poet’s Corner
Needs your creativity:
All artists welcomed.

I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you. Remember, each one of us has something of worth to offer.

CJ Poetry Editor


In this issue:

First set of Haikus on Research  (Dr. Ben Nowell, Ph.D.)
Witch’s Hut (Photography by Stephanie Wood)
Second set of Haikus on Research (Dr. Ben Nowell, Ph.D.)
Verismo – Dawn OpeRA (Poetry by Jonathan Hunter)
Trevor’s Barks of Gold (Haiku and photograph by Brenda Kleinsasser)

Editor’s Note: Dr. Ben Nowell, Ph.D.

As mentioned in my Editor’s note, we are introducing something new and exciting for you. Ben and Advocacy Joe Coe came up with some creative ways to spread the news about research.

Before we share those, here is Ben sharing about this new and exciting venture recently launched by CreakyJoints:

CreakyJoints is launching “Arthritis Power,” a patient-centered research effort in partnership with scientists and rheumatologists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Coming soon at “Research Hub” on the CreakyJoints website, you can download the app and learn more. By providing information about yourself, you’ll be able to track your and compare your symptoms. You’ll be helping yourself while providing clues that scientists can use to uncover the truth about arthritis.

Caption: Dr. Ben Nowell giving a presentation at Doctors 2.0 in June 2014

Here is a fun and creative way to spread the word about research through haikus. We hope you enjoy these! Watch for more in this issue.


Me? Research subject?

There’s a lot to understand

Read the consent form


CreakyJoints needs you

To join our research project

You can give the clues


Editor’s Note: Stephanie Wood

Stephanie Wood is an amateur photographer, who tries not to let her chronic illnesses, get in the way of her creativity. She has another great photo to share with us. With this being October, this is most appropriate.

If you would like to check out Stephanie’s photography, go to:

Witch’s Hut by Stephanie Wood

Witch’s Hut by Stephanie Wood

Here is a little background on the Witch’s Hut:

“The Brothers Grimm famous German fairy tale Hansel & Gretel is illustrated in the Witch’s Hut.  The Hut brings to life the story of the children of the poor woodcutter. Their lives changed forever after losing their way in the middle of a deep forest and finding a witch’s hut built out of delicious gingerbread goodies and candies. The witch locks up Hansel, and his sister Gretel has to work for the witch. With guile the children overcome the witch’s plan to eat them.

Since its opening in 1970, the Witch’s Hut has been visited by thousands of people.  It is also a favourite object for photographers and the site of the Fairy Tales Festival.   It was a Centennial Project of the German Community of Manitoba and a gift to the children of the Province. Its dedication ceremony and official opening was in October 1970.  The Hut was designed by the well known Manitoba architect Hans Peter Langes.  It is round in shape and therefore not at all like the traditional gingerbread house.  John Nelson did the actual masonry and handcrafted woodwork.”


Editor’s Note: Dr. Ben Nowell, Ph.D.

As promised, we are back with the second set of haikus about research. Haikus are a simple but powerful way to spread the message.

CreakyJoints has got your back

CreakyJoints has got your back

Cold, black/white: stark

Research can be colorful

Choose your hue with us


We don’t want money

Just your personal insights

With that, help millions

Editor’s Note: Jonathan Hunter

Jonathan Hunter is a featured blogger for CreakyJoints , Dancing with the Monster. Here he shares another compelling poem. I would also like to add, that in our last issue we featured Jonathan with a poem, and it has gotten rave reviews. It hit home with so many.


Verismo – Dawn OpeRA

It begins slowly
in the soft desert night air
that empty space so pregnant
with tomorrow

the symphony for ice-picks
with solos for joints and nerves
first faint strains
rising over the swoosh
of car tires on a nearby road
above the feel of linen on my skin
creeping around the perimeter
of my dreams
serenading my lizard brain

the familiar fugue
captivates my first wakelings
as sure as a toe-tappin’ ditty
a crescendo of fears
fanfare in my full awareness

sleep falls away
in shards


Jonathan Hunter



Brenda on Brenda:

Trevor has been looking for treasure and he discovered this haiku that I wrote on my biologic. Thanks to research and scientists, I have been taking a biologic for over 13 years. I really believe we can be a part of possibly one day, finding a cure for arthritis. All of us together, sitting down and talking about research, could really become a part of something wonderful. There is strength in numbers. Won’t you please join us, in being a part of this?


Trevor’s Treasure

Trevor’s Treasure