Poets Corner - November 19, 2013From Our Editor…

As I am sitting here putting this issue together, I am doing it with much thankfulness.  I have truly enjoyed what we have managed to accomplish here, in less than a year. All of our entries have shown that they truly will not let living with a chronic illness, get in the way of their creativity.

I am inviting anyone here that lives with a chronic illness and wishes to showcase your talents, to do just that.  You can feel free to contact me [email protected]

We have another great lineup this time, with something a little different. I think you are really going to enjoy.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

CJ Poetry Editor


In this Issue:

Law and Order SVU  (Poem and photograph submitted by Kevin J. Barron)
Carltonware Battleship  (Photograph by Stephanie Wood)
I Wonder (Poem with photograph by Shawna Graves)
Sweet Golden Sugar (Poem with photograph submitted by Brenda Kleinsasser)

Editor’s Note:  Kevin J. Barron

Kevin J. Barron has lived with RA and OA since 1999.  He writes “bad” poetry in his spare time. His hobbies are reading and writing.  Kevin describes how he came to write “Law and Order SVU”:

“Do what pleases YOU, not that which fits in with what society dictates. I have met many people who firmly believe life is merely “Birth, school, work, death”. That’s a pessimistic oversimplification I know. I just believe in being me, not everyone else.”

PHOTO CREDIT:  non-conformity  www.theoccidentalobserver.net

Law and Order SVU

Are you living the life you want to live

Or the one you that you think you’re supposed to

Are you lead by your heart or your own head

Or the ideas that people feed you


Do you often look around at your surroundings

Wondering how did you get here

Remembering where you were headed before

You let someone or something else steer


Does it matter so much what others may think

Of your life and the choices you make

They’re not the ones lying awake at night

Pondering a life that seems fake


You’re not selfish or mean, you’re more than giving

And thankful for all that you’re given

But still you question who you are

And just whose life you are living


We believe in the tales of happily ever after

Of finding that perfect match

Your job, your mate, your family, whatever

All seem to come with a catch


That’s just life, there’s always a but

To get this you must give up that

Sometimes it gets so god damn hard

That you wish you could take off that hat


The hat that says what you are

At that precise moment in time

You’re now out of space to store all those lids

And you feel you are long past your prime


Here’s a newsflash, you’re never too old

To plow through the trouble and strife

Just be certain that it’s what you want

Before you go changing your life


There’s always someone affected by

An idea that’s totally new

It could be the person you least expect

That person could be you


Kevin J. Barron  May 19, 2009

Editor’s Note:  Stephanie Wood

Stephanie Wood is an amateur photographer who tries not to let her poor health get in the way of her creativity.  She bought her first DSLR in September of 2009 and has never not looked back since.  Stephanie explains the essence of her entry:

“In Canada we recognise November 11 as Remembrance Day to acknowledge the sacrifices made by those who served in our military.  This little battleship will be 95 years old this November.  It was made in England to commemorate the surrender of the German fleet in November 1918.  It’s about 5 inches long and 2 inches tall.  Goss was the main supplier of what is known as crested ware.  This example is made by Wiltshaw and Robbins, a company that eventually became known as Carltonware.  Crested ware was sold as a cheap souvenir item that would have bought while on holiday/vacation.  They came in all kinds of shapes, most of which were some type of small vase.  The quality was never very good and they were not made to be kept forever.   I have looked for quite some time for a wartime version and was pleased to be able to pick this one up while was away in Calgary, Alberta.

A little bit more about me.  Before the RA took hold of me and took me out of the workforce, I spent a little over 10 years as an antique dealer and certified appraiser.  It was an exciting job and I saw many amazing pieces come through my shop and also at auctions and antique shows.  It was hard not to collect everything I liked.  In the end I picked a few things that I really enjoyed collecting and made sure the rest was sold in the store.  Believe me it was really hard not to keep it all.  I have a collection of military commemoratives that span from 1855 to 1983, with most of my pieces being from WWI and WWII.”

Carltonware Battleship by Stephanie Wood

To see more of Stephanie’s photography, go to:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevid/

Editor’s Note:  Shawna Graves

Shawna Graves was diagnosed with RA in January of 2012.  Here she describes what she has discovered on this journey:

“Shortly after being diagnosed with RA I found that I could no longer live in my upstairs apartment.  I was lucky enough to find a home with a fantastic yard with lots of potential.  My yard is a constant work in progress that has given me a reason to stay active.  My rewards are the beautiful flowers and pictures I have since collected.”

Red and White Work by Shawna Graves

I Wonder

I wonder what you think of me

When you see me all alone

Do you think that I’m pathetic

Or maybe just a snob

Or, I wonder, do you think of me at all


I wonder what you think of me

When I share my inner thoughts

Do you think that I’m a nescience

Or maybe I’m just lost

Or, I wonder, do you think of me at all


I wonder what you think of me

When my body starts to ache

Do you think that I’m imagining

Or maybe just a fake

Or, I wonder, do you think of me at all


I wonder what you think of me

When you look me up and down

Do you think that I’m disgusting

Or maybe just a slob

Or, I wonder, do you see me at all


Shawna Graves 2013

Brenda on Brenda:

I have a special love for Golden Retrievers, always have, as I think they are so beautiful, and have really learned more about them, since being involved and interacting on the various Facebook pages.  One in particular is Sugar.  She is an eight-year old golden, who is battling lymphoma.  She was rescued, when she was seven months old.  She really has won my heart.

Here is the link to her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sugar/473073226096884

I wrote a poem in honor of Sugar’s recent birthday and wanted to share it with you.


Me and my gifts and balloons!!! BowWOW! courtesy of Sugar’s Mom & Dad who rock!!

Sweet Golden Sugar

Sugar is a Golden,

who is too sweet.

Her wide-eyed smile,

just can’t be beat!


She fights real hard,

each and every day.

For her family and friends,

there’s just no other way.


So on your special day,

let there be no tears.

As we are all pulling for you,

to live for many years!

Brenda Kleinsasser