Poet’s Corner – May 21, 2013From Our Editor…

With this month being Arthritis Awareness Month, I thought I would share a little about my journey about living with RA.

I was diagnosed in 1991 at the age of 31.  This month marks my 22 years of being diagnosed.  I have certainly experienced my ups and downs, but I decided to turn my lemons into lemonade and to share my profits with others.

I do that by spreading awareness and hope through blogging, writing poetry, speaking out and by having the opportunity of doing something I just love, being your editor.

It has been so exciting to see how appreciative everyone who has participated has been. I love receiving your emails, thanking me for allowing you to share your talents.  If anyone else would care to join in, please contact me at [email protected]

We have another great lineup this time.  Happy Arthritis Awareness Month!  Let’s continue to spread awareness, even after this month has passed.  You better than anyone, has the power and the tools to do this.


CJ Poetry Editor

In this Issue:

Interrupted Life by Christina Ames (Poem with Photograph)

Man Flu by Mel Isherwood (Poem with Picture)

Owls by Jennifer Taft (Artwork)

100 Shades Of Blue! by Brenda Kleinsasser (Poem with Photograph)



Editor’s Note: Christina Ames

Christina Ames has lived with RA for 26 years.  She counts her family and friends as her greatest blessings.  She enjoys writing, cooking and gardening when she can manage it, and is absolutely thrilled that CreakyJoints has space for her musings!

Folded Hands with RA

PHOTO CREDIT:  Christina Ames with her folded hands

Interrupted Life

Crooked fingers, interrupted life

Feeling more like a patient, less like a wife

Unable to move, too stiff to bend

Please tell me when this nightmare will end

I want to be normal, when will that be

I need a doctor to believe in me

Needing the railing, feeling so old

I want to be strong, be free, be bold

Do these painkillers really kill the pain

Tell me, I want my life back again

I don’t want the pity, I just want a friend

To help me when I’m at wits end

Interrupted life, crooked fingers

Help me to smile when depression lingers

The new normal, what the heck is that

Please, I’ll just take the old one back

I won’t give up, not in the least

I know I will tame this beast.

Christina Ames




Editor’s Note:  Mel Isherwood

Mel Isherwood was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia n September of 2012.  Her blessings are her family and friends. She discovered poetry as an outlet for emotion some years ago.  In her own words, “To write has aided my own acceptance of the condition whilst also hopefully helping others whilst they read.”

Man Flu

PHOTO CREDIT:  Man Flu by http://earlshilton.org.uk/wp/servere-man-flu/

Man flu

Have you ever had flu

Laying still, nothing you can do

An ache in muscles head to toe

A fatigue which leaves you feeling low

Along with the energy you lack

There’s a pain in the spine of your back

Moving hurts, even to pee

Medication, flu relief, is just the key

No energy to feel aggrieve

I’ve just described me, do you believe?

A small part of my everyday life

Maybe you have experienced a few days of strife

There are lots of people that experience as I do

So please don’t dismiss as hullabaloo

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue is real

Want to wake to ‘normal’ life, so surreal

Those that manage every day, minute, week

Whilst cure, aid, recovery they seek

Please consider with empathy inside

How you felt with flu, in bed to hide

Imagine your life with constant flu

Not knowing where to go what to do

I’m not wishing upon you this curse

Just support, understanding, nothing perverse

Frustrated you may feel when your family or friend

Is ill and you want there suffering to end

You hope was we do the prescribed pill

Will reduce symptoms so not so very ill

Please vent your frustration elsewhere

A colleague or friend who does care

Don’t pass onto the one with condition

As guilt evolves, a hopeless rendition

I wish I had a beachams or lemsip to take

So better I’d feel once awake

Maybe one day they will invent

A cure that would be surely god -sent

Mel Isherwood 26th Oct 2012



Editor’s Note:  Jennifer Taft

Jennifer Taft has lived with rheumatoid arthritis for over 6 years.  She has always loved art and finds it more challenging with her hands, but it continues to push her to be creative and find new ways to develop her talent.


Owls by Jennifer Taft.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Brenda on BrendaI actually wrote this poem for a personal project I had for my birthday, bringing awareness to arthritis.  My project was called “Bones For My Birthday.”  A bone represents a blessing and also since arthritis involves our bones, it was actually twofold.  I found this necklace at a jewelry fair at our local hospital and I thought it went along beautifully with this poem.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Blue by Brenda Kleinsasser

100 Shades Of Blue!

100 Shades of Blue,

too many kinds.

It’s called arthritis,

children get it too!

There’s OA and RA,

Lupus and Still’s

Oh, how we hate,

to take so many pills!

There are joints that swell,

and bones that ache.

Research and funding are key,

for goodness sake!

Hope remains to find a cure,

for 100 Shades of Blue.

but awareness and sharing,

all begin with you!

Brenda Kleinsasser