Poet’s Corner – March 26, 2013Welcome to CJ Poet’s Corner (and Artists Too) ~ Issue #3

From Our Editor…

We have really had some great responses so far. One of our last entries was from Holly Mangold who shared with us a beautiful painting of a Tree Of Hope. Her mom showed Holly the painting, which just happened to be on her infusion day. In the words of her mom, “Holly was beaming!” Another, was Kevin Barron’s poem, Hope for a better day. That was especially enjoyed, because it was something that others could truly identify with.

I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you this time. As I have said before, variety is the spice of life, so let’s mix this up and share your talents with us. We all have a story to share and this is one of the great ways you could do that.


CJ Poetry Editor

In this Issue:

We are all brave by Mel Isherwood (Poem with photograph by Mel Isherwood)

Birds and flowers by Jennifer Taft (Acrylic Painting)

Tattooed by Leigh Joiner (Poem with photograph by Goya_y_Lucientes_Francisco)

RA Mush-trash talk by Donna Barton (Poem with photograph by Donna Barton)

Surviving RA by Brenda Kleinsasser (Poem with photograph by Brenda Kleinsasser)




Editor’s Note: Mel Isherwood

Mel Isherwood was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in September of 2012. Her blessings are her family and friends. She discovered poetry as an outlet for emotion some years ago. In her own words, “To write has aided my own acceptance of the condition whilst also hopefully helping others whilst they read.”



PHOTO CREDIT: Everyone with chronic illnesses, their families, friends are all Lions, loving of their family have strength, bravery and courage to survive and live with chronic, often invisible illness by Mel Isherwood taken while in Africa

We are all brave! (Poem)

by Mel Isherwood

We are all brave!

What do people know about Fibro

The pain, and indeed feeling low

The heightened senses like hearing

The fog in your head not clearing

Mudged in with the side effects of meds

Some days laying so still in my bed

Unable to move any limb

Words escaping me, feeling quite dim

Independence long since gone

Days merge together in throng

Days when to the bone I feel so cold

My body feels so very old

Neuralgia in hands feet and face

Feel outside of the human race

Reliance on people I love

Who angels they are from above

Amazing as it us true

Nothing is too much of a to-do

So as I learn to live with the condition

With my doctors we are on a mission

Moving forward step so so small

In time I’ll let out a call

To say pain free is what I’ve become

And Fybromyalgia stuff you I won!

Mel Isherwood September 2012




Editor’s Note:  Jennifer Taft

Jennifer Taft has lived with RA for over 6 years. She has always loved art and finds it more challenging with her hands, but it also pushes her to continue to be creative and find new ways to create new art.

Birds and Flowers

Bird and flowers is an acrylic painting. Jennifer shares that this one reminds her of music. The songbirds have music notes in wings..




Editor’s Note:  Leigh Joiner

Leigh Joiner has been writing poetry for over 17 years and was encouraged to cultivate her gift through creative writing and Journalism while attending a performing arts high school. It continues to be a release for her, especially while forging her way through busy, stressful, yet rewarding grad school.

Nude woman

PHOTO CREDIT: Nude woman drawn in pen and ink by Goya y Lucientes Francisco

Tattooed (Poem)

by Leigh Joiner

Sometimes I feel like a phony

appease her

please him….

desperate times, desperate measures

I fake….

carefully exaggerating

each move, each talk,

each gaze, each walk

Disguises I wear

to make up for lost causes

hidden treasure I buried,

no map to lead you there…

masked identities,

I cause you to think, when the real me

flows through this ink…..

Editor’s Note: Donna Barton
Donna Barton works as a graphic designer and has a love for nature, art and music.  She has been living with RA since April of 2012. She also has a page on Facebook, where she showcases her poetry. She tries to write one goofy poem a day.This is where you can find her poetry, which she hopes, will make you giggle.https://www.facebook.com/GigglesOverTearsWithRaMush-trash

PHOTO CREDIT: Me with a mustache by Donna Barton by Donna Barton

RA Mush-trash Talk (Poem)

by Donna Barton

RA Mush-trash Talk

It’s Stress I must trash.

Whop it hard with a bat,

It causes added trouble,

and makes RA pain double!

I stress over buttons,

I stress over zippers,

I stress over thinking,

I stress over nothing,

I stress over stressing –

I’m out of control!!!!!

Am I loosing my mind?

Peaceful thoughts I can’t find!

There’s stress on this brain,

that stays attached to my pain

In this never ending story,

If I could just stop,

even just ONE of them,

the brain,

the pain….

or the stress

I’d do it in a hurry –

and catch up on 7 months of REST!!!!




Editor’s Note:  Brenda on Brenda

This next poem is something that I am sure many of you can relate to. I have lived with RA for almost 22 years and have found that having a RA survival kit truly comes in handy at times. When I was younger, I was actually known as the commercial girl, so this one was a lot of fun to write. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had writing it.

Ra Survival Kit

PHOTO CREDIT: RA Survival Kit by Brenda Kleinsasser

Surviving RA (Poem)

by Brenda Kleinsasser

Surviving RA

Shoulders crying out for “Tiger Balm.”

Rub it in gently,

to make everything calm.

Oh, when my back is killing me,

I use “Activ On,”

so willingly.

Roll on “Biofreeze,” for my knees.

Helps me bend them,

with great ease.

Feet and ankles love “Voltaren Gel.”

So when I walk,

all is well!

Cock-up splints and ice packs,

helps keep the joints,

stay intact.

Air casts and even a cane,

Boy, this disease,

could drive you insane!

These are my tools,

for surviving RA.

Hoping someday,

you, will just go away!


Brenda Kleinsasser