Poet's Corner - July 16, 2013

From Our Editor…

Well, summer finally decided to make an appearance in North Dakota.  I just enjoy my walks to work so much, as I can hear the birds singing and watching nature unfold.

I hope you enjoy our installment this time.  Again, if you want to become a part of this, just feel free to email me at [email protected]

This is for anyone to participate who has a chronic illness, not just RA. So please feel free to join in and make a difference.


CJ Poetry Editor


In this Issue:


Recapturing My Joy by Christina Ames  (Poem with Photograph)

Hapuna by Jennifer Taft  (Pen and ink)

“After Midnight” by Rebecca Watters (Poem with Photograph)

Trevor’s Message of Joy by Brenda Kleinsasser  (Message with Photograph)



Editor’s Note:  Christina Ames


Christina Ames has lived with RA for 26 years.  She counts her family and friends as her greatest blessings.  She enjoys writing, cooking and gardening, when she can manage it, and is absolutely thrilled that CreakyJoints has space for her musings!




















This is one of Christina’s favorite activities, when she can manage it, gardening.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Hydrangea  (from her garden) by Christina Ames



Recapturing My Joy


Recapturing my joy

Is what I’m trying to do

To find that girl inside of me

Who stood so straight and true


The girl who wasn’t tired

And could easily get around

Instead of feeling listless and

Afraid of falling on uneven ground


She loved to go out dancing

To see a film or two

She really loved to ice skate

Oh, the things that girl could do!


I’d be happy if, like a baby

She’d be able to sleep all through the night

Instead of laying in her bed

Crying from pain in the pre-dawn light


I’d like to just ignore it

To make it go away

But I remember how I was

And how much I liked to play


I haven’t liked that she’s been gone

I’ve missed her very much

But slowly, oh so slowly

We’re getting back in touch


So I’ll keep trying all these things

The shots, the vitamins and pills

In hopes of someday regaining

Those sweetly remembered thrills.



Christina Ames


Editor’s Note:  Jennifer Taft


Jennifer Taft has lived with rheumatoid arthritis for over 6 years.  She has always loved art and finds it more challenging with her hands, but it continues to push her to be creative and find new ways to develop her talent.
















Hapuna: Pen and ink by Jennifer Taft



Editor’s Note:  Rebecca Watters

Rebecca Watters is 28 years old and a single mother of 3.  She was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in December of 2012.  In June of 2013, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

In attempts to cope, she has started a blog, and has found that writing has helped her quite a bit.  This poem (though written before her diagnoses) describes not only her physical but her emotional pain.  It can be applicable to all ailments we all suffer.  She hopes you enjoy it.


Moon over Water_medium










PHOTO CREDIT:  http://media.merchantcircle.com/15180773/Moon%20over%20Water_medium.jpeg


“After Midnight”

I have this theory

It’s irrational, unreasonable and likely intolerable.

You may not like it.. But it is mine.


I feel that the fine lines blur when love turns to hate

and life turns to waste… It’s inconceivable the things we do.


Take me for what I am, no matter the damage you discover.

Love me for who I was and who I have yet to become.

The me you see today is only temporary.


What I knew has become a foggy image of what I thought.. We never really know anything..

The pain you cause.. It’s unforgivable.


Let’s compare what I see in the mirror to the image perceived by you.. Do they coincide? I don’t think so.

It’s just not possible.


I have done unexpected things, felt unexpected dreams.. But haven’t we all? The limits are unimaginable.


I want to be the one who comes out with my head held high, no matter the turbulence of life, the lift, or the free fall.

The sudden changes.. are they manageable?


The scars I carry can not be seen, only felt by those who have seen the damage. It’s not pleasant.. but if you truly look.. it’s visible..


I have this theory..

It’s irrational, unreasonable and likely intolerable..

You may not understand it.. But it is mine.


Rebecca Watters


EDITOR’S NOTE: Brenda on Brenda  


I have set aside this month to share on my Facebook page “Joy in July.”  For the whole month I plan to share at least one thing each day, that has brought me joy.  You have already seen a poem here, about that very subject.


I am going to share one of my messages from Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, who is my storyteller for my blog.  He also shares a weekly message of wisdom on my Facebook page.  I hope you enjoy it!

Trevor Blue



PHOTO CREDIT:  Trevor’s Message of Joy by Brenda Kleinsasser


“Joy can be experienced even in your darkest hour, if *YOU* are only willing and open to receive it!”