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   Joe is a poet, blended with baby oil, and cling to hope

Welcome to Poet’s Corner (& Artists Too) ~ Issue #27

From Our Editor:

We have a real treat in store for you this time. Our special guest is Joseph M. Coe, who is the Patient Advocate for the Global Healthy Living Foundation, the parent organization of CreakyJoints. I also work with Joe as an advocate for Seth’s 50 State Network. Here is the link, so you can check it out.


Joe is also a featured CreakyJoints Blogger, where he shares his passion for advocacy. In this issue of Poet’s Corner, Joe will share his passion for poetry. 
CJ Poetry Editor
In this issue:
You are what you need (Poetry by Joseph M. Coe)
Aurora (Oil-Pastel Blended by Jennifer Taft)
Trevor’s Barks of Gold (Message with photograph by Brenda Kleinsasser)

Editor’s Note: Joseph M. Coe ~ Our special guest explains why he became an advocate:

I’m a patient advocate because as I believe Alive Walker said, activism is the rent I pay for living on this planet.

Fun fact from Joe:

As a teenager I was interviewed on Nickelodeon News.


You are what you need.

You are the Earth

Within you a universe—

Roots deeply planted


You are the Water

Ebbing, flowing, surging—

Cleansing impurities


You are the Wind

A gentle breeze or hurricane—

Shifting sails, new directions


You are the Fire

Igniting hearts, burning love—

Warming those around you


Joseph M. Coe



Editor’s Note: Jennifer Taft

Jennifer Taft lives with RA. She has always loved art and finds it more challenging with her hands, but it also pushes her to continue to find ways to create new art.

Here is a description of Jennifer’s creation in her own words:

This piece is oil/pastel blended with babyoil I recently have enjoyed using pastels easily blended and forgiving for days that the hands aren’t 100%. I was inspired by the northern lights and how the trees look with sky as the backdrop.


Aurora by Jennifer Taft


Brenda on Brenda:

Our installment of Trevor’s Barks of Gold centers around the word *HOPE* It is something that we all need every day and Trevor wanted to share this great message with our readers.

Cling to Hope

Trevor’s Barks of Gold

Next month, we will be featuring Christine Schwab, founder of Christine’s Kids, where Trevor is their MASCOT. I hope you will join us.