Hello, CreakyJoints members, staff, and visitors!  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jenny Scheid, or more formally, Jennifer Scheid, MD, or much less formally, to three little boys, Mom.  This blog is an opportunity for me to share my perspective as a patient diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in the last year and how this has impacted various facets of my life, both career-wise and at home.

Jennifer Scheid, MD

Jennifer Scheid, MD

Being a physician, one might think I had an advantage over others in receiving a chronic diagnosis like RA.  Wouldn’t I already understand the physiology, immunology, pathology, of RA and the pharmacology of the treatment?  Perhaps so, but as a mother and wife, a professional woman, and a physician whose patients still rely on her to be healthy for them to continue receiving care, my profession was probably more of a handicap at first.

Frankly, driven, type-A, multi-tasking, have-it-all mothers do not take well to being brought to an abrupt halt.  My story is partly about my gradual acceptance of RA, a process that is ongoing.

While I will likely write about emotionally difficult topics from early in my journey or those I am yet to encounter, I am, by nature, light-hearted, optimistic, witty, and open. True to my calling, I hope to provide some measure of help: help bringing solace to someone newly diagnosed who is emotional and looking for answers; help providing an explanation or information that might ease their fears; help them have the confidence to truthfully and openly speak with their employers about modifying their schedule or duties; help to confront questions from family, friends and coworkers who might not understand; and help to fellow arthritis sufferers as they struggle coping with RA or any other rheumatologic illness.

While I am somewhat new to the game as a patient, my training as a physician endows me with a sense of duty, which I willingly and happily offer, to provide fellowship with others similarly afflicted, validating the effects of our diagnoses on our psyches and everyday lives.  I am so excited to get started!

CreakyJoints is absolutely delighted to welcome Jennifer Scheid, MD, to our CreakyJoints Blogger lineup. We especially look forward to her writing about rheumatoid arthritis from a patient perspective.