Recently, as in the last year or so, I have been having a lot of problems with my neck and back, but haven’t really been able to get that much help for it from my doctors.

I attribute the pain that I have in my back to sitting in front of a computer all the time, as being a student will cause that to happen.

The back pain really does not impact my lower back, unless I strain it.  Rather, the pain is at the top of my back near my shoulders and radiates through the middle of my back.  I also have pain at the base of my skull, suggesting that my RA has begun to affect the small joints of my back.

When I first got sick, when I slept, my bones would feel like they were crushing in on each other, so I had back pain then.  But for at least the last few years, I have not been experiencing any real back pain, until recently.

I’ve also noticed that somewhere along the way, my posture has gotten really bad.  Again, I attribute some of this to the fact that most of my life is spent sitting in front of a computer.  I feel like I am never sitting totally upright.

This may also be due to the fact that I am short, and so sometimes, in order for my feet to touch the floor, I have to sit forward in the seat, far enough away that I am not touching the back of the chair.

As far as my neck goes, I don’t really have pain, per se, but whenever I turn my neck, I hear popping.  Sometimes, though, it feels like there is a ton of pressure in my neck, and the pressure only subsides when I crack my neck.

I know this can, in theory, all be RA related.  However, I’m also wondering if I now have other forms of arthritis in my back and neck, because the pain is intense and is happening so often.

Right now, the rest of my body hurts, but not constantly.

I’ve never had issues with my back or neck prior to being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, but I now understand the pain that people go through when their back hurts.  It really makes my whole body ache, and makes it difficult to focus on things.

I am trying to be more mindful of how I am sitting, especially when I am at work in front of the computer, in the hopes that this pain is more acute, and is not a result of my RA.  But I think that may be too overly optimistic.  And maybe I’m just in denial about the whole thing.

It’s hard to cope when a new part of your body is being impacted by RA.  Somehow I thought that maybe my back and neck would get away unscathed by this disease, but no such luck, I guess.

I would really appreciate advice from anyone who has had similar issues, or have other forms of arthritis that specifically effect small joints in the spine and neck.

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