Our own “spot of grace”A friend brought me this quote last week, and as we talked about it, I thought about you in my CreakyJoints community.
Each person is born with an unencumbered spot, free of expectation and regret, free of ambition and embarrassment, free of fear and worry, an umbilical spot of grace….” Mark Nepo
What is most real may be those very things which cannot be expressed at all but only known… The experience of immeasurable realities is far more important than we might imagine. The things we cannot measure may be the things that ultimately sustain our lives… A diagnosis of a life changing illness casts us headlong into the subjective world. People who have sought healing everywhere else are afraid to look within, afraid to find at depth, someone insignificant or even unworthy. Yet this is rarely the case. The soul is our birthright. At depth, everyone is beautiful. Often it is the discovery of the “spot of grace” that heralds the beginning of our deepest healing.”    Rachael Remen Kitchen Table Wisdom   p. 261-262
Dr. Remen has been a long time inspiration to me, and in this brief passage, she illuminates a thought I carry with me always: our deepest self is holy and gives us life. Within us are the seeds of what we need to heal. We each have our own definition of “healing.” It may not mean “pain free” or “easy movement”. But, thinking about healing, from a soul level outward, invites us to connect with what is deepest and most valuable within each of us.
What is your experience of “immeasurable realities”?  What do you “know” but find hard to express?
It takes some quiet – within and without – to settle down and listen. To reflect and look back over a day, a week, a season of life. What mattered to you? What stands out as sacred and meaningful? What do you have trouble finding words for – even as it is so profoundly real to you?
This may seem like work for poets and preachers, rabbis and artists. But it is really work for all of us. Every one carries the capacity to become deeper and wiser. When we connect with our own “spot of grace” we are changed, touched, and yes, healing begins. This healing is personal – and goes beyond the individual to touch families and communities.
I encourage you to take some time this day – or this week and listen. Breathe slowly and pay attention to what you know.