One thing I have noticed that helps me through tough times with my arthritis is the ability to whine when I’m not feeling well. It usually starts out as a dull complaint, then grows into an attitude and generally ends with a full-blown whine about what hurts and why it’s not fair. And the truly lucky have someone who is compassionate and nice enough to listen while they whine. It makes the whining feel effective – even though you’re whining for yourself and not for someone else. Nonetheless letting it all out really makes a difference.

This week has been full of whines – how the hands hurt, the back hurts, nights are sleepless, ankles still ache, and on and on – and if not for the whining it would all be pent up inside.

Which makes this week a little more bearable – I have a been doing a good job whining. I’ve also tried to take care of myself with extra care: going to the gym (!!), eating really really healthy food, full night’s of sleep and extra long hugs.

We can’t forget the hugs. They keep the world moving. Especially when you hurt and you wished like heck that you didn’t.