My health insurance company (rhymes with Snotsford) sent me a letter today. They suggested that I consider, among other things, alternative medications for the various brand name prescription drugs I currently take.

What little pukes! One of the drugs – my favorite on the list because I know so much about it – was Celebrex. I shouldn’t dare take Celebrex and cost them all that money (even though that co-pay is 5 times the other co-pays). Instead of this brand new drug that has worked really well, they recommended I speak to my doctor about naprosyn. A drug that is as old as I am (which I liken to the prescription cousin of an over the counter pain medicine). That’s like saying “instead of ordering the prime rib, consider the Hamburger Helper”.

They don’t know from stubborn. Next time I see my doctor I’m going to ask for the gold shots.