Each week, CreakyJoints will highlight one of our team members. We hope that you get to learn a little about us and get some TV or book ideas along the way. Click here to see previous installments in the series. 


Ryan Johnson | Healthcare Administrative Fellow

Digital content: When I am not lost in endless YouTube videos, I am browsing automotive and tech forums reading about all of the up and coming gadgets and cars.

What I’m listening to: My playlists are a blast from 10 years ago. You’ll find artists like Blink-182, Dave Matthews Band, and the Offspring. I also sneak some country tunes in when no one is around. Specifically, Luke Bryan. Country concerts are the best!

What I’m watching: I am a huge fan of “The Walking Dead.” (Spoiler alert) I am very upset by the death of Glenn at the hands of Negan and the Saviors. He was one of my favorite characters because he still cares about what is right in a time where no rules or police presence exist.

Activities/Hobbies: When I am not behind the scenes at CreakyJoints doing administrative work, you can find me mountain biking at Blue Mountain in Peekskill or Graham Hills in Pleasantville. Both located north of NYC in Westchester County. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, summer or winter I’m riding! It just hurts a lot more when you fall dryan-boy-scout1-copyuring the winter, but hopefully the snow will break that fall. I like to explore new trails and mountains every so often and I’m always open to suggestions. This is also that time of the year where the basement gets turned into a ski tune up shop. My close group of friends and I get together and help each other fix knicks in the edges, base and deck from the previous season. I am also a big hiker at Harriman State Park. You could say I like the outdoors a little.

Fun fact about me: I am an Eagle Scout and was an active part of the Boy Scouts for almost 10 years. Being a part of this organization has taught me a great deal of leadership skills that I have been fortunate enough to carry with me throughout life. Another interesting fact about me is that I like to collect coasters.