It’s hard to believe that I’m still wrestling with a bill from a procedure I had back in March (!) I am starting to wonder if the computer that processes these form mailers is an evil computer designed to slowly desecrate the human race, because I KNOW I’m not alone. Seriously, the back-and-forth I’ve had to experience, with the hospital, doctor’s office and insurance company, is pretty unbelievable.

But I won’t give up! This is a quest. A quest for what’s fair. And this is what being an advocate is all about, it starts at home.

During one of these tele-volley’s, it was uncovered that the insurance company (rhymes with Aetna) accidentally didn’t apply any of the bill toward my deductible. When I inquired about this, they unapologetically took responsibility and said they’d fix it. Which is when I asked to speak with a supervisor, and requested that he send me an apology letter.

Isn’t that only reasonable? The least they can do when they mess up is apologize for their error. I know insurance companies aren’t the best examples of manners, but an apology is due to me. And, I want to take that letter, if they ever send it, and frame it for my wall.