Dear Ms. Meniscus:

How do I let my doctor know I don’t like her anymore, and ask her for a referral to another rheumatologist who takes my insurance?


Dear Non-Confrontational:

Believe it or not, many people are in your same situation with their healthcare providers.  They are simply unhappy and want to shop around. The problem is that they feel an obligation to their healthcare provider for various reasons, ranging from basic laziness of not wanting to seek out an alternative healthcare provider, to the reluctance to “abandon” years of repertoire, to the fear of opening up to another doctor about your condition.

Here’s a newsflash – your doctors, chiropractors, therapists, etc. are providing you a service. You have the right to seek out the best treatment and care that works for you.  Sounds selfish? Well, it is true. They are in business to serve you, and if you are unhappy with their service you should vocalize it.  While you might be in for a slightly awkward conversation when you ask your Rheumatologist, think of the benefits afterwards.

If your healthcare provider is offended or upset after you tell them you are looking for a second opinion for your treatment options, you always have the vast resource known as the internet, which is full of local directories.  All you have to do is dial the numbers, and ask if they take your insurance.