Ms. Meniscus,

It’s vacation time and we’re driving 600 miles to visit my husband’s family. That’s not my perfect vacation but I can handle it. The problem is my husband doesn’t believe in stopping until the tank is empty and our bladders are about to burst. This doesn’t work for me. If I don’t move my knees and hips my osteoarthritis pain is nearly unbearable. Short of opening the door at 70 mph what do you suggest?

Stiff in the front seat

Dear Stiff in the front seat,

If your husband isn’t being accommodating to your needs during a long drive, there are a few things you might try. Try to compromise with him and ask for a quick five-minute stop so you can stretch your joints. If you quantify your time off the road to just five minutes, he may less willing to make you suffer knowing that you will only be a few minutes behind.

You can schedule a food or recreational stop in the middle (perhaps you will be going by a nice picnic area with a nice view). If you know you’re going to pass a restaurant or attraction that your husband likes, suggest that you make a quick pit-stop.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle or will be soon, make sure that your new vehicle is comfortable and has plenty of leg-room. Some cars are just not made for long-distance travel, while others are designed to keep you cozy during a long ride. Make sure to ask your dealer about this.

Remind your husband that you’ll be in a much better state to see your in-laws if your osteoarthritis isn’t acting up.

— M

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