Sometimes, it pays to panic. The way I did when my ankle started acting up, in an epic way, just weeks before my wife and I were to go on a trip we had been counting on. Instead of taking a wait and see, I hit the panic button. Immediately I was sitting in the podiatrist’s office, then getting the x-rays and ultrasounds that would uncover the tendinitis and weakening ligaments in my right ankle.

The panic set in before our planned vacation into Conclave in the countryside of France for a few days, and then the Summit Series retreat I was lucky enough to go on, high atop the mountain.

I was anticipating taking hundreds of thousands of steps (and I have the Nike Fuel Band and MyBasis watch results to prove it!), I had to get ‘all hands on deck’ to fix up this ankle.

So with the right steroids, anti-inflammatory medicine, and special little soft brace, I was able to bid farewell to American shores knowing I was probably going to be OK. Probably.

Always knowing in the back of my mind that the next step I take can be one that shuts me down, forces me to sit somewhere, and totally derail the rest of the day, week, month’s travel plans.

All I have to say is: thank goodness it was OK! Not only was it OK, but my ankle graced me with enough strength to get me hiking all around Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah, and throughout the countryside of France. Lucky? For sure. Prepared and thankfully a little panic ahead of time? Definitely.

So while everyone else was enjoying the beautiful fresh oxygen deprived air of 9,500 feet, I was smiling ear-to-ear knowing I had beat back arthritis, the pain, and kept myself on track for an amazing trip.

It pays to panic!

Eden, Utah (Do not adjust your monitor. Seth went camping!)