I recently celebrated my "Carpe Diem" anniversary–the anniversary of my mega hospitalization when I nearly lost my left hand and ultimately my life due to gangrene and sepsis–in a new, bold way. Throughout the years since this major, life changing event, I have celebrated the 16th of May in varying ways, but never shared about the impact of this day with too many other people. This year, I decided to share the good news of my 6th anniversary on Facebook. I'm not sure what compelled me–there's nothing inherently special about a 6th anniversary. But for me, and I'm sure for a lot of you, any anniversary is a reason to celebrate. After posting my status update on Facebook, I was nervous. How would people react? Did I share too much? Would people care? 

Much to my wonder and shock, over the next week I was overwhelmed by the notifications and messages of support from friends near and far who had no idea what I had gone through. It was a huge lesson for me to learn to open up, let people in and let them surprise me. This lesson was best articulated by one of my best friends who said, "People in your life love you and care about you and want to give you real and virtual hugs when they learn what's going on and what you've been through! Amazing!"

And so I say to you, dear CreakyJoints readers, where in your life can you open up and let people surprise you?