Last night was another sleepless night. I was awoken by my hands hurting – the kind of hurt which lets out a very loud cry for attention (for no particular reason). And it didn’t stop there. Every which way I tossed and turned I couldn’t get comfortable. It came down to thinking up a caption for the caption contest in the “New Yorker” to eventually get back to bed. Everyone has their trick I guess.

But hey, such is life, right?

In other news, now that spring has arrived I am eager to get outside and walk. I watch people run, bike, rollerblade, skateboard, skip and zoom (as in those sneakers with the little wheels on the heel) by me and I am always tempted to try those things again (all but those stupid sneakers). Then I take a minute to think about how much rollerblading hurts my hips, or biking hurts my knees, and I automatically default back to walking. With the right pair of shoes, I’m good for as many blocks as I need to go for some Tasti-D or some fantastic takeout dinner.

Though rollerblading through the park does look mighty fun…