Kristin on why she’s blog-free this week

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From Kristin:

Kristin is not available right now. After 8+ years on Satan’s Tic Tac’s, otherwise known as Prednisone or “the other steroid” (not to be confused with the steroids that make you look “good”), Kristin has decided enough is enough and her chipmunk cheeks must go. They might be good for games of Chubby Bunny, but they are notamusing when she looks at photographs. So the Anderson household will Kristin on why she's blog-free this weeksoon be a Prednisone-free zone. But getting there is no easy feat, which is why this is a blog free zone this week. While Kristin wants to quit Prednisone, Prednisone just can’t quit Kristin. It’s a fatal attraction. One filled with lesions, scabs, hair loss, sweating, agitation, low blood sugar, excessive fatigue and massive irritation. Glenn Close got nothin’ on Kristin in Prednisone weaning mode.

For those looking to taper or wean off of Prednisone, CreakyJoints recommends that it always be doneundera doctor’s care and supervision.

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