Those are the words I wanted to hear and did hear today at my appointment with a new podiatrist. Thanks to good ol’ Mom and Dad—aka “genetics”—I have some gnarly ingrown toenails on several of my toes. I had surgery to treat this painful problem over ten years ago. I was assured the problem was taken care of and I would never again have to face the pain of my hard-as-rock nails digging into my delicate skin. But things are never simple with scleroderma and lupus, and fast-forward just a few years and wouldn’t you know it? The problem had returned!

With each of my ailments and symptoms, I have searched high and low to find the “guy” who treats it most effectively. Some of these searches have taken me months of research, phone calls, and visits with guys who claim to be “the guy” but who are most definitely not the guy.  Isn’t it a great relief when you know your health care is in the hands of someone who is an expert in their field? As I’ve worked to assemble my health care team in Southern California, I made a promise to myself that I would find the very best people—people who are not only qualified medically, but who listen to me and communicate well with my other specialists.

It was nice to have my Ingrown Guy tell me about several rheumatologists he knows, in case I needed a referral. Yet another sign that I had picked a good podiatrist—he cared enough to ensure that I had other good specialists. But I happily told him I already had an arthritis guy—the guy, the guy that wrote the book on lupus.

P.S. A glimpse at what else is going on in my world….

  • Catching up on Oscar nominated movies! 
  • Figuring out the very best anti-itch, hair loss, and rash remedies for my itchy, dry scleroderma skin and lupus lesions. 
  • Reading about Depression and Lupus, courtesy of the Q&A from the Lupus Foundation. Be sure to check out this monthly Q&A with Lupus Experts!  
  • Fun brainstorming sessions (with wine) about the cast for the new Lance Armstrong movie! 
  • Fires in the fireplace, chai lattes, and gingerbread!