Happy New Year Creaky Joints Friends! I missed you all during my short sabbatical away but I needed the time, as I’m sure you understand, to get my bearings and to learn how to live with thyroid disease. Thyroid problems are so common in the autoimmune world that I’m curious how many of you are living with these problems. Be sure to email me or leave me comments about how you cope!

I must admit I have a love-hate relationship with the New Year. I love January because of the shiny “new-ness” of it all and the opportunity for a fresh start, but I also hate the pressure. The pressure to share “new year’s resolutions” with friends who are focused on losing a few pounds when we are focused on growing our hair back and affording new medications that could possibly be the difference between simply getting out of bed…or not. Our new year’s resolutions seem to be a little more oriented toward life and death and quality of life decisions.

Rather than get a little too real at a casual girls’ lunch with my resolutions, I’ve done away with resolutions altogether. I’m a goal-oriented person by nature but I’ve been finding that making small, incremental changes has led to greater success over the long term. Whether it’s moving my alarm clock across the room so I don’t hit the snooze button, assembling all of my medications for the week during my favorite Bravo show, or lighting candles each evening to de-stress, I am doing more small things to maximize my energy, eliminate fatigue, and keep myself moving forward. If something doesn’t work, I make a switch as quickly as possible. Grandiose resolutions tend to overwhelm and paralyze—and God knows, we don’t need extra pressure in our lives. Small actions toward your goals keep the energy and positivity moving—and we all need little successes in our days to outshine the pain and fatigue.

Happy New Year!