Kitchen Makeover What to stock and what to toss for a healthy bodyEating well and feeling good often starts at the supermarket and in your own kitchen.

Next time you reach for a snack, you shouldn’t feel guilty!

Here are some tips on what to stock your pantry and fridge with and what to toss.

Complete the following steps in your kitchen cabinets:

  1. Take everything out of your kitchen cabinets (repeat all steps for fridge).
  2.  Wipe down shelves with a wet cloth.
  3. Read Ingredients: Look at the back of the labels and toss out foods that have ingredients you cannot pronounce. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it’s most likely that your body will not be able to recognize it and metabolize it efficiently either. Eat foods with ingredients that your body will love you back for eating and your joints, muscles, metabolism and digestive system will be happy!
  4. Be a nutrition detective: Especially toss it if it has “corn syrup/corn sugar” in it, which is highly, highly processed and directly affects your metabolism and energy levels. *P.S. Did you know that Regular Heinz Ketchup has corn syrup in it? They now make an organic version with regular sugar in it- better than corn syrup. I like Organicville’s ketchup – made without white sugar (made with agave) and tastes most similar to regular ketchup.
  5. Be a smart shopper: The first ingredient on the back of the label is the most concentrated and the last ingredient is the least concentrated. So, for example, if you’re looking for a healthy tomato sauce, and the first ingredient is sugar, it means that there is more white sugar in it than tomatoes  = not Be Well with Arielle approved!  Also, be smart – just because it’s at a health food store, doesn’t necessarily mean it will make us feel good, so be a smart shopper and consumer.
  6. Less is better: The least amount of ingredients, the better. If you have the choice between two cereals and one has 20 ingredients (even all that you can pronounce) vs. 4 that you can pronounce, go with the 4. Simple and whole are key for digestion and a body that feels good.
  7. Check expiration dates! Toss out any products that are expired or have been in your pantry for over a year. If you haven’t eaten it in a year, you probably won’t this year either.
  8.  Organize like a pro: When you’re ready to re-stock, place the items that you use on a daily basis in reachable areas- the lower shelves, and towards the front. Items like random spices or flours that you only use for baking once a year should go on a high shelf, in the back or some place that you don’t necessarily need to reach every day. Your kitchen should be functional, easy to use and well organized so you’re more inspired to cook and save your energy and muscles for other tasks!
  9. Donate! The food you no longer need give to a local shelter, or give it to a neighbor in need.
  10. Repeat above steps cleaning out your refrigerator

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Be organized. Be smart. Be Well.

Be Well,