During a radio interview over the weekend, the host asked me a really good question: “how do you stay positive?” and it made me pause to think. “No idea, I just do!” was the first response, but then it was clear that the best way, for me at least, to stay positive is to focus on more good things than bad things. The best way to compare this Keeping Perspectiveoutlook on life – with arthritis – is to an old girlfriend I dated many moons ago. We couldn’t go to a restaurant without her critiquing the food and complaining about how bad it was. It dominated every dinner conversation – and usually ended with me cringing when she sent her food back. All I’d do is focus on the positives, which in this case usually centered around how good the wine tasted (didn’t have much to go on) but it also helped keep everything in perspective.

It’s really easy to get down and feel out of the game very quickly. Especially when you wake up in pain or with any kind of chronic illness for that matter. But when the going gets tough, the tough have to focus on good things.

Like breaking up with that girlfriend years ago so that I can go out to eat in peace.