The other day my friend Tish made me a CD. Literally – she made me a “mix tape” (CD) of songs she thought I’d like. All but one I’ve never heard before, but loved the eclectic songs and especially appreciated it for the drive home from DC today.

Which got me thinking:  is there such a thing as an arthritis soundtrack? Obviously there isn’t — who would think of such a bizarre thing? — but that doesn’t mean we can’t make one!

I’d like to know what songs make you feel good. I know that anything by Neil Diamond gets my toe tapping (I sound like an old man) and singing along, long after the song is finished. Songs like “Hot August Night” and “I Am I Said” are the kinds of songs that can take the worst day possible and turn it into a more bearable time.

At the risk of offending any of the big bad record label executives, I propose a list on Facebook or in the comments section below for everyone to “chime in” (so to speak) about what songs make them feel good. I know there are songs you like and put you in a happier mood — I just want to know which ones.

Oh and just for the record, I hope to grow up and marry a girl named Caroline. So I can always call her Sweet Caroline.