The Intersections of life...I always wanted to be a writer. My best friend and I decided at 13 that we would be authors. Life however took over and led me down my first path as a part time make-up artist in an upscale salon. I knew nothing about make-up except how to apply mine but I wore short pants and high heel boots to my interview, and voila, the job was mine.

But make-up wasn’t enough. I wanted to learn about skin care so I shadowed a leading dermatologist. Then I wanted to learn about fashion and I enrolled in UCLA’s Fashion Design Program. Soon I was doing make-overs and fashion reporting on local television, then national television. TV? I never thought I would take that path and yet I did and once I got over my knees knocking, I fell in love with TV.

Still in the back of my mind was writing, the path that got away from me. Back to UCLA for their Creative Writers Program and soon my first book was in the bookstore, followed by my second book.

So many unexpected paths. But the most drastic path would come with my third book. Take Me Home From The Oscars took me down another path. Writing about the juxtaposition of my glamorous life on television vs. dealing with a misunderstood chronic illness, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Sometimes life takes you down paths you think you would rather not visit. At least that’s what I thought until I met the kids. The kids who dealt with the same disease I was dealing with.

These kids stole my heart.  Life had taken them down a path that no child should have to travel. My next path would lead to Facebook and to a page called Christine’s Kids where I have met new families, shared, learned, and advocated. It has been up a year and is going strong.

Today my paths are crossing, one for advocacy and one for style. I like this junction. I’m adding one more Facebook page titled Schwab Style, a sharing of my experience and knowledge. The destination? Two totally unique paths going precisely in the right direction.

The lesson I have learned: let life lead you. You may not know where life’s paths are taking you, but you could end up being just where you want to be, realizing your dreams.