I'm happy to say that I'm feeling better. For most people, the "Monday Blues" set in around the time of their alarm clock. For me, I try to reverse the effects of a Monday morning by thinking positively, by wondering what surprises the week has in store, and by planning for a healthy week filled with healthy food and exercise. Some weeks it works, other weeks it doesn't. But it's free to try so today is no exception.

Speaking of trying: we spent Friday down in Washington, DC, meeting with members of Congressional staff about the importance of patient education when it comes to chronic diseases. We are all empowered to do more when we know more, and we were urging the government to support patient education programs and help raise awareness about diseases, things we can do to stay healthy, and the myriad of treatments that exist today. We're also supporting initiatives which will encourage companies to do this more often. We at CreakyJoints, and our parent organization, believe strongly that education is very important – not just to those of us with arthritis, but for anyone with a chronic disease. Diabetes, hyptertenstion, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis…we're all in the same boat. The more we know, the healthier we can be.

Needless to say it was quite rewarding to go down and speak with members of Congress and their staff about these important issues. We even had a chance to have a power lunch afterwards where we spotted some A-list Washington power-celebs (this isn't one of those blogs though, sorry). But if you ask me, the people we had lunch with were the real A-listers.