If there were a show called “Dancing with the Arthritics” I’d be America’s #1 choice. That is to say, if my dancing partner were Betty White (of “Golden Girls” fame)(!). This became painfully – and I mean painfully – obvious at my brother’s wedding this past weekend. Hours of dancing does not bode well for an arthritic body like mine. In fact, it made me feel more arthritic, more creaky, more achy and more aggravated than anything else I’ve done in a long time.

It relegated me to the “Grandma Corner” of the dance floor – which is not the worst place in the world – but it was a good reminder of where I rank on the list of America’s Most Nimble. Oh well for me, right?

But the good news – and the reason I was not a “Pity Party of One” was that my brother got married! Finally! After 9 years of dating. When your younger brother ties the knot you know you’re getting old. And the family came together for a really great occasion and rang in the New Year together. What could be better than that?

To good health. To happiness. And to one heck-of-a CreakyJoints New Year.