If the arthritis world lived by our Homeland Security terror-threat-color-coding system, I’d have to elevate us to a “code plaid” for arthritis ache and pain level. Assuming for a minute we have a chance to make up our own codes (gone are red-orange-yellow), such as paisley, plaid and striped. I figured it’s more exciting than what’s out there now.

This weekend wasn’t such a good one for the body. I’m the first one to blame the weather – which is the case again – but it could also be due to my less-than-perfect medication schedule. At the time, a pill here, and a pill there, don’t seem like they’ll amount to many problems. But sure as my socks match the arthritis ache and pain level today…those pills stack up to make a difference. And you know about the difference only when it’s too late.

Which is why, come Sunday afternoon, I was at my wit’s end. It would have been easy enough to blame the weather – but I’m really more to blame than I admit. I need to focus more carefully on how much medicine I take, and when I take it. I can’t ignore my body and most importantly, the code plaid this week.

Hopefully things will calm down and I’ll be back at polka-dot. With a little luck.